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Sometimes I feel like a Duck

September 26, 2011

Our little black bear.

The image of this sweet confused young bear’s face is burned into my mind.  A week ago, we raised the deck door window shade, and much to our surprise and delight, there she was – sitting sideways under the pine tree, looking back at us with as much surprise and confusion as we at her.  We shared a few quiet moments before she ably lumbered over the fence into our neighbors’ yard.

We excitedly followed her progress over the next day, hearing that the DOW was going to let her find her way back to the mountains as long as she didn’t become a nuisance.  And then we got the news that 3 overzealous men from the DOW had shot her full of tranquilizers, causing her to fall out of a neighborhood tree, ultimately dying from her injuries.

What to do with that news?  So much anger, sadness and helplessness.  I cried a lot.  I keep seeing that sweet inquisitive face, and wondering why people have to be so hurtful and well, stupid.

Bear Medicine: Introspection

I kept thinking about this bear visit all week, and the gift she brought us.  It slowed me down from the usual daily race, and helped me remember that with all the crazy things going on in the world that we encounter, the only thing we truly can control are our individual reactions to the craziness.

I also started re-developing some focus again on myself, on routines that are healthful for my own body, mind, and spirit.  Thanks to my bear visit, I’ve been awakened from the trance yet again.

Ducks on the Long Arm machine.

What’s on the Long Arm Machine?

One of the routines I’ve been redeveloping this past week is to get into the studio and do some art each day, even if it’s only for a short while.  I had forgotten how much of a stress relief it is for me to have that daily meditative time, creating my art.

I’ve been focused on finishing a piece I started several months ago.  I finished constructing the top (pieced and appliqued fabrics which I hand-dyed and screen-printed) awhile ago and now am adding the drawing/stitching on the long arm.

The idea for this piece came from one of my vivid night dreams.  As I’ve worked to turn that dream image into a physical work of art, it has become a bold and graphic representation of how I felt in that dream.

Reconnecting with this piece, spending a little time each night in the studio working to finish it has helped me get back into a meditative rhythm not only with my art, but with myself.

Ducks getting stitched on the long arm.


Start Where You Are

May 6, 2011

"Along The Way" (detail) ©Ayn Hanna 45"x18", Textile painting (discharged whole cloth cotton, cotton batting, cotton thread)

It’s been over a month since my last post, a rather long unplanned blog break.  Huge changes taking place, and I’ve been thinking a lot – about cycles and circles and changes, completion and initiation, deadlines and milestones, and resistance.  So much happening and yet, I’ve had no words, no way to approach blogging about any of it.

Every time I’ve thought about writing a post, I didn’t know where to start.  With too much going on, I’ve been  stymied with trying to find an entry point to talk about it all.  I finally realized I don’t need to cover it all.  And – with credit to Pema Chodron’s words/book – I got up the gumption to just start where I am.

Working on "Along the Way"

So, I’ve been swimming in thought, and working long hours, juggling yet another change in role and manager in my day job (4th one in less than a year now), and cherishing the time I get in my studio, where I have several pieces in progress.  Feeling a need for some resolution/completion (and needing to meet some show deadlines), I’ve finished a couple pieces (Along the Way, detail above, is one of them).

Circles and cycles and change.  No beginnings and endings, rather an unfoldment of new desires.  In this past month, 2 important souls in my life have made their transitions.  A Patriarch and a Matriarch, 99 and 102 years young respectively, both such kind, loving, and wonderful artists, loved and missed by many.  And mostly there is stillness, words seem  so insignificant.

Me at work in the studio, along with some of the works I have in progress.

And so I’ve been working.  April marked my 1 year anniversary for my blog, and my completion of my SHIFT-IT Graphic Coaching Certification.  Major milestones achieved. And now the unfoldment continues, as I launch and align with new desires.  The beauty of this circle of life – there is no end, and we’re never done becoming.

Hanna-Hooly Studios Open House Photos

December 20, 2010

Long arm quilting machine with a new quilt top loaded for demo of machine.

Thanks to all our friends, supporters, and colleagues, our Studio Open House event was a big success!  While we had a constant flow of visitors all afternoon and evening and enjoyed visiting with friends old and new, we didn’t have a photographer lined up to shoot any photos, so the only shots I have to share are the ones I took after the party was over.

At least you get a chance to see how the studio looked and some of the artwork that was on display.

Etching press, and (in background) hand dyed t-shirts and navy quilts information.

Some of our matted prints and drawings.

Even though we had 80+ visitors during the one day event, there were several friends who couldn’t make it because of conflicts, so we actually held a “make up” Open House event last Wed night as well.  And then, some time to recover from all the energy put into the planning of this big event.

View of some of my new work included in the show.

On Saturday morning, as I stood in the studio making final preparations for the opening, with 12 new works of art I’d completed over the past few months all hung along the front end “gallery” wall, I enjoyed a moment of realizing a major milestone of my dream come true.

Five years ago I stood in this same spot, in a cold dark unfinished cob-webby basement and envisioned this moment – a day when I would be standing in a beautifully finished fully equipped studio, with my artwork hung along this front “gallery” wall, and all my friends and supporters about to arrive for an open studio art show party.  It felt really good.

New work from my "Wall Drawing" Series.

And something else shifted internally for me with completion of this first Hanna-Hooly Studios Open House event -a new quiet inner confidence and awareness that a career as a professional artist really is possible.  See it and Be it!

New work from my "Tangled Webs" series.


A bunch of new small works are emerging….

November 24, 2010

Small Tangled Webs and Wall Drawings emerging from within.

Several small textile paintings all in a row on the long arm machine, ready for stitching.

Tangled Web #5 revealing itself in stages:

Tangled Web 5, states 1(left) and 2(right).

The studio is abuzz with abundant creativity

And I’m so very appreciative of this Vortex moment – pure creative life, love, family, friends, and holiday time.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Fierce Joy – Words to Live by!

July 26, 2010

(c) 1990 Ayn Hanna, Self Portrait, Mixed Media drawing w/cloth apron, 60"x48"

It’s hot, hot, hot here in CO.  The summer heat is upon us and the year half gone.  So many wonderful things are happening with my life and art career and time is racing by.  I was doing a quick check-in recently on my big picture plan and the goals I set at the beginning of the year, and really thrilled with how many things I’ve already accomplished from my list.

In this moment of reflection, I was also reminded of the word(s) I chose for this year – Fierce Joy.  The idea of choosing a word to focus on for the year came from Christine Kane’s Resolution Revolution – the idea being that you choose 1 word as your touchstone, a word that helps you focus your energies at “the BE” level (rather than the DO or HAVE levels), because when we achieve the “BE”ing, the DO and the Have are easy followers.

This concept also relates to the idea of finding the feeling place in Law of Attraction principles, which Christina Merkley (aka the Shift-It Coach) explains so well in her article, “Finding the Feeling Place of Success”.  (Having had first hand experience with the Shift-It process, I highly recommend this program for anyone who has anything in their life they are ready to “Shift”.  All this great stuff I’ve got going on right now in my life has come in part as a result of completing my own Shift-It process, including my Big Picture and Take Action Plans.)

I have been living my Fierce Joy this year, especially with development of my art career.  A few accomplishments to date:

  • My website, blog and flickr sites are all “live”. (This accomplishment is so much bigger than that short sentence can convey.  Wow, I really had no idea how big this was when I started.  Somehow that sentence almost needs it own page and really BIG font!)
  • I’ve made new art work which I feel are good high quality pieces and have furthered my development as an artist.
  • I’ve developed more of a network of artist friends, colleagues, and new organizations I’m a part of.
  • I’ve entered several juried shows and am showing my work in several locations.

Current and Upcoming Shows

Here are a list of shows where you can see my work, now and through the rest of the year:

There may be others as the year marches on, but this is what I know of at this point.  Please stop by if you can to any of these shows.  I plan to be at all of the opening receptions of all the CO shows and hope to see lots of you there!

Have you selected one word for 2010?  If not, maybe you’d like to pick your word now, it’s not too late.  And if (like me) you can’t decide on just one,  maybe 2 will do.  If  you have one (or 2) selected and would like to share, I’d love to hear about your word in the comments below.

Stay cool out there!

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