A place you’ve got to see to believe

There are many beautiful mountain towns in Colorado, and then there’s Telluride, CO.  Perched at 8750 feet above sea level in a box canyon with mountains all around, Telluride has to be one of the most beautiful (and cleanest) places on earth.  Spending a week there, teaching an art cloth workshop was heavenly.  Words and even pictures really can’t describe it.  Every morning, I was filled with quiet appreciation as my eyes tried to absorb all the surrounding glory.

And in this most beautiful place, I was gifted with working with a wonderful group of artists, in an amazing facility – the Old Stone building, which houses the American Academy of Bookbinding / Aha School for the Arts classes.

Old Stone Building in Telluride, CO

Students at work making hand-printed art cloth.

For 3 days we played, making art cloth using various impermanent silkscreen techniques.  My students were off and running after the very first technique demo – no fear here, just wind them up and watch them go – they dove right in and achieved incredible results.  I think it’s safe to say that the discharge/color removal techniques were a group favorite!

Michele applying a discharge paste design to her cloth.

Suzette using a bleach pen to draw her design.

Kathy got some great results printing with stencils on this piece.

Cindy enjoyed the monoprint technique, printing multiple leaves she gathered during the lunch break one day.

By the end of the 3 days, my students were all rockstar printmakers and every one of them had a good variety of unique art cloth pieces to take home and incorporate into their art projects.  Here’s some more photos of the great cloth pieces they made:

Kathy working with the bleach pen.

Cindy made this piece using 2 techniques, glue screen and flour paste screen prints.

Suzette is going to use this cloth in a quilt that's already in progress.

Michele made several pieces of art cloth which she will be incorporating into her art quilts.

It really was a special week, visiting a beautiful new place, teaching at a great school and meeting and working with some new artist friends.  Thanks to all for a great time – Can’t wait to go back again next year and play some more!


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5 Responses to “A place you’ve got to see to believe”

  1. Valerie Says:

    Glad to see you teaching, Ayn! You’ve got so much talent, and it is wonderful to know that you are sharing it with others….keep on keepin on!

  2. Ayn Hanna Says:

    Stacy – Glad you enjoyed the story and pictures you night owl you!

    Sally-Mom- Yep, next year the whole family needs to go and experience that slice of heaven.

  3. Sally Says:

    Thanks for the photos giving us insight into the incredible week. I was in Telluride a long time ago for a “folk concert” …and, it was the most beautiful setting for everything out of doors! Next year maybe “Emma” and I will go to the AHaaaaaaaah school.

  4. Stacy Gebhards Teater Says:

    So very cool, Ayn. This is a perfect time of the late/early morning to enjoy your story and pics.

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