Joying My Way to Joy: An “Art All the Time” Weekend!

The Studio Tour was a great time.  I’ll post some photos (and maybe even a video!) soon, for those who want a virtual tour.

Textile Paint Mixology Table

In the Studio: Art Cloth Weekend Workshop

With my nieces in town this month, I have some eager artists ready to play in the studio and try out some of the techniques I’m going to be teaching in my Art Cloth Workshop next month at the Ah Haa School for the Arts in Telluride.

Claudia demonstrating stellar silkscreen printing technique.

What fun we had setting up our silkscreen frames, cutting freezer paper stencils and printing, printing, printing.

Cristina added color and variety of marks to her art cloth using stamps and texture rollers.

Day 2 was a chance to go further with more screen-printing and adding in other techniques as well.

My Artist Mom in her element: Doing it "her way"!

Art All Weekend, in my own Studio, with my own Family.  I’m Joying my way to Joy!


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5 Responses to “Joying My Way to Joy: An “Art All the Time” Weekend!”

  1. Isabel Poppit Says:

    Great Photos!

    You left some almonds in the back seat. Want me to drop them off?

  2. rachel Says:

    I wish I were there with you all!! I have been escaping the heat wave in the cool basement also with niece Julia Kate from michigan- sewing aprons!!

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