Endings and Beginnings, Looking Backwards and Forwards

"Tangled Web #10" © Ayn Hanna, 17"x12", Textile Painting (cotton fabric hand-dyed and discharged by the artist, cotton batting, cotton threads) mounted to canvas

Happy New Year!

My mind is spinning, awash in all the things that this time of year usually brings about:

Reflection, acknowledgement, and appreciation of all that I experienced, learned, and achieved in the past year.

Appreciating and realizing how I need to do better at making time for my important relationships with myself, my partner, family, and friends.

Planning my art/coaching career goals for this new year (including plans for completion of yet-to-be-completed goals from the previous year’s list such as my Shift-It Graphic Coaching Certification).

Selecting a single word as focus for this year (last year I chose 2 words, FIERCE JOY).

Slaying Dragons in my all-too-full-time-make-my-eyes-bleed-from-staring-at-a-computer-screen-for-11+hr-days Day Job. (I’m actually very grateful for my day job, even if I have to constantly keep reminding myself of that.)

Writing thank you cards to my art collectors (I sold 11 pieces – 5 textile paintings and 6 prints – through our First-Ever-and-then-Annual Hanna-Hooly Holiday Open Studio Show in Dec.).  The image above, Tangled Web #10, was one of the 5 textile paintings sold at the Open Studio Party.

This is a quick short post today as I am off to attend an art opening tonight, but will have more to share soon regarding 2010 accomplishments and 2011 goals & plans.


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2 Responses to “Endings and Beginnings, Looking Backwards and Forwards”

  1. Mary Roberts Says:

    I also like to have one word for the New Year…I had a great one that came to me running the dogs on the bike path…unfortunately, I forgot it by the time I got back…

    • Ayn Hanna Says:

      Mary – Funny, I had a similar experience, but it was while watching a movie….the perfect word appeared and then, by the end, it was gone. Oh well, the good thing is, there’s lots more to choose from!

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