Hanna-Hooly Studios Open House Photos

Long arm quilting machine with a new quilt top loaded for demo of machine.

Thanks to all our friends, supporters, and colleagues, our Studio Open House event was a big success!  While we had a constant flow of visitors all afternoon and evening and enjoyed visiting with friends old and new, we didn’t have a photographer lined up to shoot any photos, so the only shots I have to share are the ones I took after the party was over.

At least you get a chance to see how the studio looked and some of the artwork that was on display.

Etching press, and (in background) hand dyed t-shirts and navy quilts information.

Some of our matted prints and drawings.

Even though we had 80+ visitors during the one day event, there were several friends who couldn’t make it because of conflicts, so we actually held a “make up” Open House event last Wed night as well.  And then, some time to recover from all the energy put into the planning of this big event.

View of some of my new work included in the show.

On Saturday morning, as I stood in the studio making final preparations for the opening, with 12 new works of art I’d completed over the past few months all hung along the front end “gallery” wall, I enjoyed a moment of realizing a major milestone of my dream come true.

Five years ago I stood in this same spot, in a cold dark unfinished cob-webby basement and envisioned this moment – a day when I would be standing in a beautifully finished fully equipped studio, with my artwork hung along this front “gallery” wall, and all my friends and supporters about to arrive for an open studio art show party.  It felt really good.

New work from my "Wall Drawing" Series.

And something else shifted internally for me with completion of this first Hanna-Hooly Studios Open House event -a new quiet inner confidence and awareness that a career as a professional artist really is possible.  See it and Be it!

New work from my "Tangled Webs" series.



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