We’re having a Party!

After 2+ years of promising many people I would have an open studio show event, it’s finally happening – An Open Studio Show and Party at my new Taft Canyon studio, on Saturday Dec. 11 from 2-7 pm.

My partner Barbara and I are excited to share our new artwork and studio spaces for the first time and plan to make this a “Hanna-Hooly Studios” annual Open House event.

Please come by and see our new work and tour our studios.  We have lots of new work to share – acrylic and textile paintings, fine art etching and woodcut prints, holiday ornaments, and more!

Again, that date is Saturday, Dec 11 from 2-7pm.  Hope to see you there!


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4 Responses to “We’re having a Party!”

  1. Haynes Says:

    Got it on the calendar! Looking forward to it!

  2. bean Says:

    Whoa, looks like a great event…will there be overnight accommodations for those of us who will be traveling from the midwest?

    • Ayn Hanna Says:

      For you and Scott, Bean? But of course! Would you like to book the deluxe queen “cloud” bed suite, which comes complete with private bath and foot-of-the-bed resident brown dog foot warmer? Which dates and how many nights shall we reserve for you? Just let us know and we’ll get that reservation booked pronto! 🙂

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