Drawing in the Expanded Field & Navy Quilts Update, Part 3


First of 2 quilts in progress for the Navy Quilting Challenge, loaded on the long arm and ready for quilting.


This past week has been a blur – day job, pilates, working on the 2 navy quilts, and an art show opening, Drawing in the Expanded Field, on Wed night.

Drawing in the Expanded Field

It was great to get to meet juror, Deanna Petherbridge and hear her presentation about The Primacy of Drawing, which is the title of her newly published book.  She also did a gallery talk in which she spoke about many of the works in the show and the drawing aspects within each.


During her Gallery Talk, Juror Deanna Petherbridge discusses the drawing aspects of the artwork included in the show.


I really love drawing and think it is so important to a successful work of art.  Regardless of what medium an artist chooses to work in, the work has to have strong drawing inherent within it, or I really don’t consider it very successful.  I just have no interest in artwork that lacks good drawing.

I am happy to see an art show devoted completely to DRAWING, and expanding the view of “drawing” such that it recognizes the drawing aspects contained within works that are not traditional drawing media (sculpture, textiles, installations, video, etc).    And I am thrilled to have one of my textile paintings included in this show, as the only piece representing the textile medium.  The show is a national juried show and is at the CSU Clara Hatton Gallery, Visual Arts Building on the CSU campus in Fort Collins, through Nov. 12.



Juror Deanna Petherbridge discusses the drawing aspects in a scroll artwork, during her Gallery Talk.



Juror Deanna Petherbridge and I, next to my Wall Drawing #1 textile painting.

Navy Quilt(s) Update

I am in the final week of completing my 2 entries for the Navy Quilt Challenge.  I ended up going with 2 of the 3 initial dye-painted whole cloth pieces that I had started, one of which is a collage of different imagery associated with Captain Bill’s Navy career and the other (shown below) a more abstract composition including some of the many types of planes that Bill has flown as well as some of the many gauges and dials from the cockpits of those planes.  You can read my previous posts on creating these Navy textile paintings here.


Navy Quilt #2 in progress, ©2010 Ayn Hanna, 40"x40", (cotton fabric, dye painted, stamped, stenciled, hand painted).


I will post final images of these 2 textile paintings later this week, once they are done done (finished quilting, binding, and with hanging sleeves attached).  And I’ll provide more details in that post about techniques I used to make these.  For now, it’s time to get to the studio and get busy!


Both of the Navy Quilt entries loaded on the long arm quilting machine, ready to be quilted.



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3 Responses to “Drawing in the Expanded Field & Navy Quilts Update, Part 3”

  1. Joyce Meyer Says:

    Aynie, I love that orange and green quilt, drawing #1. What a beautiful piece of art!

    • Ayn Hanna Says:

      Thanks Joyce! Incorporating imagery that commemorates Captain Bill’s Navy career while also bringing some of my own creative expression to the mix was a challenge similar to doing a commission piece. I like that this piece is both abstract and also personally significant to my subject, Captain Bill.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Congrats on all your work and shows!
    I’m proud to be in the Drawing show and I am happy it is our first show together! Here’s to many more!

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