Wall Drawing Finished

Wall Drawing (c) 2010 Ayn Hanna (36" x 44") Textile Painting (cotton fabric, cotton thread)

Finally finished this textile painting and am happy with the results.  It’s been a great learning process – figuring my way through merging the processes that I’ve used in my woodcut printmaking with the way that I’m working in textiles.  It’s been a good way to approach the textile medium and be able to still express a sense of drawing and showing the artist’s hand, which is much more important to me than achieving a “slick” finished product.   I’ve still got more things to explore within this general technique, so I plan to do more work and continue to explore this subject matter and technique to see where it leads me next.  Below are some detail images of this first “Wall Drawing” in the series.

Wall Drawing, detail

Wall Drawing, detail

Wall Drawing, detail

Now that this one is complete, I’m on to other pieces, working on  a few pieces that I had started on awhile back and finally am ready to re-engage on completing them.  Working back into these to finish off  all these pieces that I had previously began is a great sense of continuity, growth,  and satisfaction all rolled into one.


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3 Responses to “Wall Drawing Finished”

  1. Susan Shapiro-Holleman Says:


    The piece is great!

    Sue Shapiro-Holleman

  2. Mom Says:

    Beautiful! Your attention to detail is exquisite! Congratulations on another major accomplishment. Love,mom

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