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While my background is in printmaking and I still love etching and woodcut, I’ve most recently been exploring the textile medium.  I was introduced to “art quilting” by a friend of mine a few years ago and I was immediately drawn to this new genre.   I love the feel of natural fibers and the luscious colors that are achievable by hand-dyeing one’s own fabrics.  And there are interesting oppositional challenges that working with textiles offers when compared to working with copper or wood plates to create a work of art.

Below is a textile piece I have in progress.    I am using a reverse applique technique which i have started with 5 layers of fabric, have drawn a basic composition on the top layer, and am cutting away selective layers to expose or allow an image to emerge from the underneath layers.  In the printmaking world, this is similar to doing a reduction woodcut print in which a multi-color print is created from just 1 woodblock.  I will post photos of this textile painting as it evolves over time so you can see my working process.

Wall Drawing (v1) cotton fabric (36" x 44") (C) 2010 Ayn Hanna

Have you had the experience of trying to translate your accomplished way of working in one medium to an entirely new medium?  How have you achieved a sense of continuity with honoring the way you work while transferring your energies and focus to a new medium?



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